NOTE: This is a demo of the Intro chapter, not the full game! This chapter is currently undergoing playtesting and revision.

In Black Heaven: A Necromantic Dating Sim, you must collect three ghosts in a magical grimoire and return them to a mysterious necromancer named No-Eyes, who offers to bind one of them to you forever. The journey will take you into the depths of this ruined world as well as the memories of each of the ghosts you meet, but you can only give your heart to one of them. Who will you choose?

  • Ru, the shy, brilliant scholar?
  • Leathe, the fiery, sharp-witted conwoman?
  • Ryu-Ito, the fierce but kind-hearted martial artist? 

 Be careful—in this world, ghosts can take on many forms, from beautiful shades to Lovecraftian horrors, so you’ll need to use your kindness and cunning to survive!

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